The Organic Choice

Thanks to Marcello and Cristina, the conversion from traditional to organic farming, started with the 2011 harvest was achieved with the grape certification at the 2014 harvest.

Organic for lots of people is a trend, for others a business opportunity. For Marcello and Cristina it was neither. For Novaia bio production is the natural consequence of a lifestyle. It’s a choice of responsibility towards the environment, a commitment towards future generations and the planet we will leave them.

Novaia is a member of Terra Viva Verona association, through which it promotes sustainable farming knowledge and practices, by regularly organizing free training seminars addressed to farms, providing all the necessary learning material and information.
Through the Terra Viva Verona association Novaia seeks to make its new “neighbors” aware of a responsible use of treatments, not just in order to limit drifting towards its own vineyards, but mostly to improve the quality of the environment.

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