In 2014 our production was finally officially certified as organic, so here it comes the launch of our Valpolicella Classico. As before? Better than before? I don’t know, that will be our customers’ verdict. What I’m really interested about is the amazing path I walked which led me to this final goal. I have met great people who have been studying for years how to improve and progress organic agriculture. Above all, Egon Giovannini, our agronomic consultant, who taught me the green manure techniques, the plant-health product savings, the right use of copper, and many other important things.

I would also like to mention other “gurus” of the organic agriculture whom I owe a lot and from whom I still have a lot to learn: Renzo Caobelli, Ruggero Mazzilli, Luisa Mattedi, Claudio Oliboni, Tiziano Quaini, Elisa De Carli, Enrico Maria Casarotti. All amazing people with a huge heart and an incredible passion for what they do.